About Us

All Souls Cathedral has had a remarkable ministry for more than half a century, and been able to help in planting Anglican churches all over Ukambani.  Those who have gone  before must be commended for the foresight they had in planning and carrying out Christ’s mission and keeping the Lord’s command:  “Go and make disciples of all nations …” (Matt.28:19).  As a result of their humble and faithful work initiated by them through ASCOMF (All Souls church Outreach Mission Fund) many congregations were planted in both Machakos and Makueni Dioceses.  We can only acknowledge over the years the scope and potential of their hard work outcome has grown to such proportions that probably are beyond the imaginations of some of them.

All Souls Cathedral congregations have also grown.  This dramatic growth has changed our ministry dynamics and operational environment; putting a great challenge to the clergy, staff and Cathedral governors in ensuring that Cathedral ministry meets the needs of the current worshippers but also anticipating those of the next generations. This scenario puts greater responsibility on the present administration to focus their energies and resources not only on the current and urgent concerns but also plan for the future in order to perpetuate God’s work and be found worthy of His service.